The best quality after school care, study support and recreation.

At The Study Zone children aged 8 - 14 can make friends, have fun, acquire valuable life skills, produce quality homework, be safe and grow in independence.

Parents can return home after a long day at work and enjoy family time free from the demands of homework.

A typical day - Monday to Friday 3:00pm - 7:00pm

3:10pm - School Collection

Children are collected by arrangement from local primary schools. 
A collection point is arranged where children should gather at the end of the school day. 
A register is taken on collection.

Study Zone staff carry an ID card and where possible are known to the children.

3:30pm - Welcome to the club

Children are greeted by staff, have a drink and a biscuit, take time to meet as a group, sit informally to talk about their day at school, and discuss what they need to do and would like to do in the course of the evening.

We discuss things about the club, plan future activities and how they would like the club to be.

In fine weather we may meet on the green after school to play a game and then return to the club for a drink and a biscuit.

4:00pm - Homework is done well

During this time children do their homework. Staff sit with them to show interest, encourage, help if necessary and make sure that everyone can get on with what they need to do.

As homework is completed staff check it through with the children. If a child has no homework they read for half an hour instead.

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4:40 - 5:00pm - Let's eat!

The children and staff sit together to eat. Meals include sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, wraps, jacket potatoes, pasta, dips, curry, various pies, fruit, ice cream, traditional puddings etc.

The preparation and eating of food provides an opportunity for children to mix socially,
develop skills for independence, and increase their awareness of the components of and the value of a healthy diet.

Children will be encouraged to help plan a healthy, balanced menu, encouraged to try a range of food that might be unfamiliar to them. They will be involved in the preparation of snacks, taught basic food hygiene and encouraged to eat in groups with other children.

Individual preferences will, where possible, be taken into consideration. Every effort will be made to cater for food allergies or religious beliefs regarding food. As a meal is provided children need not bring their own sweets or food; should they wish to, they will be asked to share.

5:00pm - Fun and Activities

Assuming their homework is complete the children choose an activity to do. Some do this alone; others are in pairs or small groups.

Staff take an interest in the student’s' activities, joining in with their games if they’re invited, or running an activity.

Resources available include:
Many books and the internet
Mind stretching challenges
Board games
Construction and crafts
Smart, colourful, ordered environment

We have access to a library, a quiet study room, 2 kitchens and a kitchenette, a large indoor hall, the playground area and gardens and toilets. Twickenham Green is just across the road allowing us to play outdoor games and picnic when the weather permits.

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5:55 - 7:00pm - The end of the day

The children tidy up, gather together their possessions etc. The Collection Sheet is completed on departure.

For children staying later the final hour is informal and less structured. There is less demand on equipment and children can choose from all that is available.


Daily rate:
Mon-Thurs 3 - 6pm £23.00
Friday 3 - 6pm £20.50

Weekly rate:
3 - 6pm £102.50 (Equivalent to £20.50 a night)

6 - 6:30pm £6.50
6 - 7pm £13

10% for 2nd and 3rd sibling.
Prompt payment - 5% off next invoice.
All fees payable half term in advance.