Recreation and play

Learning through play is accepted by childcare and education professionals to be one of the most important processes in a child's development.

Play can support children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. At The Study Zone we ensure there are ample opportunities for children and young people to play in order to enhance their well being.

Our children and young people vary greatly in their ability to engage in spontaneous play. Regardless of their academic ability, some can find it hard to cope with the freedom that opportunities to play can present. We endeavour to support them as they begin to discover the satisfaction play can provide and as they gain the social skills required to play with and alongside other young people.

How we play

Staff encourage young people to play with the wide range of resources available at the club. Games and resources can be used unconventionally to allow originality in play. 

  • All activities other than homework are voluntary and usually child/young person initiated. 
  • Staff talk with the young people to establish what their interests are and to help them find play activities they will enjoy and benefit from.
  • Outdoor play is encouraged whatever the weather and even if it is dark. Children are allowed to get muddy. Staff monitor outdoor play to ensure that risk is managed and that competitive sport doesn’t stifle the play needs of individuals.
  • Children and young people are allowed to be ‘bored’ and are supported to use their imaginations to explore the play opportunities available to them to counter this feeling of boredom.
  • Staff may decide to join in play when it is not productive or inclusive of other children.