We have the summer all mapped out.
Crafty Kids For Modellers and Crafty Youngsters.
Explore London Trips providing a taste of what London has to offer – except shopping!
Summer Spy School Uncover your inner sleuth.
Bits and Bytes Creative Computing for Girls and Boys
Sporty Fun Physical activities and personal challenges – lots of fun.
Residential A week away in The South Downs, Brighton and Newhaven.

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Join us for a picnic.
On Friday 30th June, 17    5 – 7pm In the school playground
For Friday children it will be business as usual.
Those who don’t normally attend on a Friday can join us from 5pm with at least one parent.
Between 6 – 7pm all children they will need to have at least one parent in attendance!
Please email us by Mon 12th June to let us know who will be attending.
We will provide food and drink.


We are very pleased to be rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted

"The management team and staff have a very strong partnership with the parents and staff at the school. They share information exceptionally well to help ensure consistency in children's exemplary care and to complement their learning.

Staff offer an exceptionally welcoming and inclusive environment. Children are happy to attend and excitedly engage in activities.
The management team works remarkably well with staff to ensure they identify and successfully meet children's needs. The key persons gather comprehensive details from parents about their children's interests and include them fully in the provided activities.
Staff are experienced and highly effective in organising an extensive range of resourcesand activities. Children engage in the exciting and challenging experiences and develop new skills.
Children develop secure emotional attachments to their key person. Key persons are outstandingly attentive and meet each child's needs well. They are excellent role models, which helps to ensure children are kind, caring and build close friendships with each other. Children's behaviour is exemplary.
The management team works especially closely with the school staff and children to include their ideas in the self-evaluation process, to help identify and work on areas for further development of the club."

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